Japan round up

Japan was in our heads since 2009. We both wanted to come one day to visit all the Japanese friends we made while living in London. Japan was the reason we started this crazy adventure. Japan was going to be the first stop but ended being one of the last ones. Once we arrived here, we couldn’t be more happy and excited that after so many years of dreaming and planning we finally made our way here. Read More

Days 286 to 290: Back to Tokyo

We were happy to be back in Tokyo and spend the next five days going around with Hiro and discovering the city with a local. The issue we had with Mario’s Russian visa was solved, and luckily we got his passport back from Germany delivered to Hiro’s house. Now we were all set to enjoy the last days in Japan without worries.

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Days 282 to 284: The long way to Nikko

After a good night sleep we hurried a little bit to catch the local bus, just outside Yui’s house to reach Kiso-Fukushima train station at around 11.45. We started here our 7 hours long journey which involved 6 train changes, to reach our final destination: Nikko. At one of the longer connections we used the time to have some lunch. We arrived at Nikko with nearly the last train and it was already dark. Luckily, we had booked a guesthouse in advance. We followed the guesthouse owner’s advice and took a taxi from the station to the guesthouse which was 3 kilometres away. We checked in and had some ate some instant noodles sold at the guesthouse.  Read More

Day 281: Walking from Magome to Tsumago

We had a very early start, and when we say early we mean 4.30 am. It was a short and sleepless night, as we had a guy in our dorm who was snoring incredibly loud and it was impossible to sleep. We wanted to take a train at 5.20 am to go to the Kiso Valley. Unfortunately, there was no direct connection between Takayama and Kiso. So we took the train and after four long hours we made it to Magome. Read More

Day 280: One afternoon at Shirakawa-go

We wanted to visit the Ogimachi village while in Takayama, so we organised with our hostel a tour for the afternoon. It was easier to do it with them as they were driving us there and bringing us back to town. So we used the morning to walk around Takayama town, visit the Kokubunji temple with its three story pagoda and a ginko tree which is said to be 1,200 years old. Read More