Day 273: A day trip to Nara

The night bus left us in front of Kyoto train station. Mariana was feeling a bit dizzy so we found a coffee shop to sit down and have some breakfast. We had planned to spend a few days in Kyoto and do a day trip to Nara. When we started looking for accommodation around Kyoto (two weeks ago) we saw that 95% of the options were booked. This meant that cheap accommodation was not going to be easy to find. We are not used to looking for a place to sleep so far in advance, but Kyoto is one of the most popular destinations in Japan, and considering the time of the year, we should have book earlier. Luckily we found some affordable options, but for tonight, we were going to stay in Nara. Kyoto station was full of people, so we could only imagine how crowded the city will be. We took the train to Nara, and in 45 minutes we were there. Lot of people going there as well so the train was at its full capacity. Read More

Day 269 and 270: Mount Aso

We had breakfast with Yuri and Shigehiro, and then went to the station to take the train to our next destination. We went with Shigehiro as he needed to take the train to work. We had to buy one of the JR regional train pass so he came with us to the ticket office to help out in case we needed help. We had some people in front of us so we waited a little bit. When it was our turn, the lady asked for our passports and Mario gave her a copy of his (because his passport was in Germany at the Russian embassy). The lady said she needed the original in order to sell us the train pass. We explained that we didn’t have it, and we showed her the copy of the letter that the German Embassy gave to Mario explaining why he didn’t have his passport (of course this letter was in German and not in Japanese). Read More

Days 267 and 268: Exploring Fukuoka with the locals

After breakfast we continued our journey further to the south. We took the Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Fukuoka and arrived at 2.30 pm. We had some lunch and coffee, and made time until 5 pm when we were going to meet with Mayu’s parents: Yuri and Shigehiro. We met them briefly when we were in Cambodia, and they went to Pursat to visit Mayu. When we told them we were going to Japan in a couple of months they told us to pass by Fukuoka. So as we were planning to explore some place around this city, we decided to contact them and give them a short visit. They kindly offered us to stay at their house. Read More

Days 265 and 266: Going back in time at Hiroshima

The weather was very bad. It was raining a lot and we were not motivated to go walking in the streets. We had to change our hostel as they didn’t have beds available for tonight, so we managed to get another place nearby but check-in was not until noon. So we stayed in the hostel’s lobby for most of the day, planning further, writing and doing blog updates. We also met some other travellers that were not inspired to go out in the rain either so we spent some time chatting with them. Read More

Day 263: Naoshima island

After a cup of tea, we left our hostel and walked to the train station. From there we had a 50 minutes train ride to Uno station, with one change in between at Chayamachi. When we reached Uno station, we walked across the road to the ferry terminal from where we took a ferry to Miyanoura port on Naoshima island. It took us 20 minutes to reach the port.  Read More