Days 307 and 308: One day in Tomsk and off to next stop

The train journey from Krasnoyarsk to Tomsk was 12 hours in total. As Tomsk is not on the Trans-Siberian Railway line, we had to stop at Taiga station and take a local train from there. When we arrived, we took a taxi to a hostel that was suggested in our travel guide. Unfortunately, the hostel was not existing (or we couldn’t find it). We asked around and checked with the nearby shops but nobody seem to know this hostel. So the taxi driver took us to a nearby hotel he knew. The location and price was good for us so we decided to stay there.  Read More


Day 300: First views of Lake Baikal

At 23 pm Moscow time and 4 am local time we took train number 077. The train stopped for 20 minutes at the station and we had time to settle in our sleeping compartment while the train was still. This train was older than our first train but still confortable and clean. We had a kupe (second class) which has 4 beds, but luckily we were the only ones in this compartment. Read More

Days 295 to 297: Our Trans- Siberian adventure starts!

We woke up early to have breakfast and get all ready for our first train ride! It was raining but that didn’t stop our excitement. Our train was at 11, we had our e-tickets ready (we bought them online in advance), so we left the hostel in the direction to the train station. An important thing to point out is that all trains run on Moscow time, so we made sure we had one clock set with Moscow time (Mario’s phone) and one on local time (Mariana’s phone). From Vladivostok to Moscow we were going to cross 5 different time zones so we were getting ready for adjusting our clocks almost every day. Read More